Searching for new cabinets?

One of the most common issues homeowners complain about in the kitchen is the look of their cabinets. Most people would say “where to start?” Well I have an article that explains this common problem.

“With nearly 7.6 million homeowners remodeling their kitchens this year, the heart of the home garners plenty of attention. New cabinets can convert a dated, inefficient kitchen into a functional, organized, multitasking space. Nowadays they come with a dizzying array of finishes and options at many different price points. Get smart about your choices: Here are 9 essential things TOH general contractor Tom Silva has learned about cabinets over the past 40 years.”

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Beautiful City Apartments

apartmentsThe question that most people ask when contemplating purchasing a New York apartment is how much money they need to spend. As far as luxury real estate in New York is concerned, the cost can be anywhere from 3 to 25 million, depending on the location as well as the square footage of the apartment.

Location, Location, Location

While this might sound like the biggest real estate cliché, location is in fact one of the most relevant factors that influence the prices of apartments. The Upper East Side, for instance, is where you can find luxury apartments sold for about $1,500 to $3000 per square foot (sometimes more) on average. One-bedroom apartments go for about $1.8 to $2 million, subject to certain factor such as floor location, views, and finishes (appliances, types of floor, kitchen countertop, bathroom, etc).

The Upper East Side, Financial District, SoHo, and Tribeca are among the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan so you should be prepared to spend good money for a property in any of these areas.

Square Footage versus Overall Appeal

When scouting for a luxury apartment, some buyers are waylaid trying to figure out whether they are getting a great deal based on the price. For many people, especially first time buyers, per square footage pricing can be hard to reconcile with the overall look of the apartment. Keep in mind that you can always check the comps (comparables) to see if the property you are considering is actually priced right. Comparables are properties recently sold that have similar qualities as the property in question, i.e. total area, building location, etc.

The best comps are those that are located in the same building since units are basically the same, save for square footage and views.

The Art of Negotiating

This part of the buying process falls on the shoulders of your real estate broker. One of the reasons why buyers should choose only the best agents in the city is to get the best possible price for the apartment they covet. Luxury apartments are usually listed above fair market value, which means there is always room for negotiation. Depending on the current market trend (if it is a sellers or buyers market), buyers can always try to get the sellers to come down in asking price as long as the broker knows exactly how to handle the negotiation process.

In a sellers market, the buyers usually have very little choice because there is little inventory. On the other hand, a buyers market usually means lower purchase prices that effectively result to savings on the part of the purchaser.

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Tips to applying grout sealer

tile2Grout sealer applications are often a thankless and ignored task however essential however. When it comes to supplying your kitchen, bathroom and floor tiles with the kind of protection they deserve, this is specifically so. Using sealant however, is quite laborious and involves a more complex procedure than you could anticipate. Preparing the surface area is crucial and you would think about majority the task done when this is accomplished. Most protective applications prematurely fail as a result of inadequate preparation. For a fulfilling grout sealing job, follow these crucial tips:.

Purchase the finest kind of grout sealer for the type of grout you have at home. Cementitious grouts need a permeating item while polymer-modified grouts are all right with membrane-forming sealers. Epoxy-based items withstand moisture and need not be sealed.

Inspect all the grout lines and joints for fractures, peeling and other damages and quickly do the required repair works. Fill all needed fractures as a penetrating item is just capable of protecting surfaces it is put on.

Thoroughly clean the surface area wanting to deal with and let it dry completely before applying the sealant. , if using a water based item the surface might be damp.


Keep in handy all the devices and equipment you require for the task and see to it to put on safety clothing like masks, rubber boots and gloves.

When using the sealer to avoid inhalation of strong fumes discharged by these chemical substances, Make sure the work location is well aerated.

Clear the entire room of anything that you wouldn’t wish to be mistakenly stained with the sealant like shower drapes, floor mat, furnishings, kitchen devices, etc

. Avoid applying grout sealer when the grout is still fresh. Let the surface area set and dry totally prior to applying any type of security.

Use a thin, even and smooth coating making certain all lines are saturated. Apply about 2-4 coatings for the task.

Tape nearby surface areas like walls and walls to stay clear of inadvertent staining.

Work your means from tile to tile and swiftly clean off excess sealant on tiles with a rag or sponge.

When working with unglazed tiles especially when using a permeating sealer to prevent unnecessary staining which is much more difficult to eliminate than glazed tiles, be additional mindful. Make certain to use the sealer along the grout lines and joints just.

When the job is completed and the last coat of the sealer has actually been let to dry, test your sealing task by leaking some water to see if there’s wetness resistance. If not, apply an extra coat of grout sealer till you meet the desired result.

Grout sealer applications are frequently a thankless and overlooked job however crucial. Purchase the best kind of grout sealer for the kind of grout you have at home. Cementitious grouts require a penetrating product while polymer-modified grouts are okay with membrane-forming sealants. Avoid applying grout sealer when the grout is still fresh.